You’re Not Big Enough to Think about Your Vision

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Vision and big thinking often cripples people in the process of doing the work. We tend to come up with an idea, and then blow it up so big in our minds that it hinders us from moving forward with the smaller things that make up the actual work.

We start with an idea, let’s say it’s an idea for a paid membership community. We then start imagining the huge potential behind it, the brand we will create, the long term plan, and we get scared working on it, because it has become so big in our head that we feel like we don’t know how to approach it.

Well, apparently there’s a pretty easy way to approach it.

Do work

Open WordPress and create a landing page for the community. Then market your way into having people joining, then tend to that community. That’s your ONLY JOB! Why are you thinking about the vision, the brand, or the long term when you don’t even have 3 people in yet? You are too small to think about your vision!

This concept is based on a conversation I had with a friend of mine who was struggling with the overwhelm that comes with ideas getting too big in your mind. My advice for her was to just sit down, lower your blinds and do the small tedious work. Vision thinking is a luxury. It comes later and rarely.

I’ve been working on Bloop Animation for almost 3 years, but I rarely spend time refining the brand or planning the future. Most of the time I just work. That is literally sitting at my desk at home and writing articles, recording tutorials and planning courses. This is what takes 95% of my time. The rest of the 5% can be allocated to longer term planning, and I only focus on it when it’s necessary.

It’s fun and safe

Don’t get me wrong, I totally get why some people hang on to thinking about the company’s vision or brand, before they even have a company. Because it’s fun, and it’s safe.

It’s fun because we get to imagine what it will be like when we have this awesome business, or what it will be like to be a cool and beloved brand. It’s safe because there is no way to fail, because you haven’t actually made anything yet.

That’s why I said thinking about your vision is a luxury, because it lets you stop the work for a second and look over your kingdom with pride.

You can’t know what’s going to happen

Another reason why you shouldn’t think about the vision too much when you’re starting out is that you can’t really know what’s gonna happen yet.

When I started Bloop I thought it’ll be a tutorial YouTube channel. Then it turned into a learning platform with courses for sale, then book publishing became a big thing for us and soon we will be entering the world of distributing different fiction products such as comic books and selling short films. Do you think I could have predicted that when I just started out? Or on my first year? No.

You can’t tell what shape your business will take until you do the work and let the change happen around it. After a while of working hard you will notice that certain aspects of your work are panning our better, or more fun for you to do, and you will do more of it. It might not be the thing you thought it would be, but that’s the beauty of it.

When can I think about the vision?

Once you recognize a clear direction your business seems to be going towards, then it’s time to sit down and think about the vision and the long term plan, only to make sure it is aligned with where you’re actually going. This happens rarely, but it will happen more often if you do more work. Work before vision.

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