Why I’ve Decided to Use Facebook as a Video Platform

Morr Meroz Facebook

People who read this article in the near future might be thinking that this is an obvious statement. Actually, it might even be obvious today, but I’ve decided to use Facebook as its own video platform (just like YouTube) instead of using it to promote videos from YouTube.

So what does that mean?

So far this is how I did things for my main blog/YouTube channel ‘Bloop Animation’: I would upload a video to YouTube, then put a link to that video on the Bloop Facebook page.

When I started seeing how much more reach native Facebook video have I got clever – and posted teaser videos to the full YouTube clip. It never occurred to me to post the entire video on Facebook. It seemed like such a waste. It won’t get me subscribers or money from monetized views like YouTube does.

What I didn’t realize, though, is that Facebook is slowly becoming a video giant, and might even overtake YouTube one day. Yes, YouTube.

The signs are all there.

They implemented that auto-play thing that starts your video automatically a long time ago, then they increased the reach videos has, they started using playlists just like YouTube does for you to keep you videos organized.

It seems to me like it’s only gonna get better, so why not start using it to the fullest now?

It’s always good not to put all your eggs in one basket. Who knows what will come of YouTube in the future? They recently announced that they will now take a cut from sponsored videos, which will have a HUGE effect on big successful channels. That’s a very scary thing is your livelihood depends solely on YouTube.

So what am I doing different now?

Basically I created different playlists for my different videos (just like I have them on YouTube) and I slowly upload the full video one by one to build my video archive on my Facebook page. I’m already seeing awesome results in the shape of many views and new likes.

I might be loosing a few YouTube views, but I have a feeling it’ll be worth it.

What do you think?

Where should I send the tools list to?