Why I Switched From Aweber to GetResponse

Morr Meroz Email List

Last month I’ve made a huge switch from using Aweber as my email provider to GetResponse.

This was huge for me because I have a rather large list of over 12,000 people. Here’s why I did it.

After a quick research, I’ve learned that GetResponse just has better features than Aweber, in almost every aspect. And it’s cheaper.


At my current subscribers level pricing is pretty similar, but Getresponse’s pricing is cheaper throughout the different plans. It wouldn’t have mattered if Aweber’s features were better, but their not.


Both Aweber and GetResponse have great autoresponder features, but Getresponse is just more user friendly. It uses a visual calendar to have a birds eye view of your entire autoresponder series with a preview of the content for each of them, while Aweber simply hasĀ a vertical list of your emails showing only the subject line.

Surveys and Landing Pages

Getresponse throws in 2 great features for free. The first one is the option to create surveys (something that is usually done by 3rd party services and costs money) and the second one is a landing pages creator (also something that is usually being done with a separate provider.)

Honestly, for landing pages I would still use a third party such as the AMAZING LeadPages, but it’s still great to have the option to create one on your own if you’re just starting out and don’t wanna pay too much.

Overall UI

The overall ease of use and user friendliness of Getresponse was one of the strongest selling points for me. It just looks great. Everything is easily accessible and easy to figure out.


This is just my first month with Getresponse and so far I’m enjoying it. I’ll report later on if I run into any trouble.

What do you think? Which provider are you using and why?

Where should I send the tools list to?