What Gimlet Media is Doing Amazingly Right (And What Can You Learn From It)

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Gimlet Media is a new Podcasting startup, founded by Alex Bloomberg and Matthew Lieber. On the first show produced by the studio (called “Startup”) Alex reveals his entire journey of founding the studio.

Yes, the first show from the studio was a documentary about founding that very studio. And that was a very smart idea.

What better way is there to get people interested in the new company you have founded, than telling them about how it came to be? It’s why behind-the-scenes videos are so popular. It’s in our nature to be curious about how things are made.

More than that though, here are the 2 main things the studio founders were able to achieve with that show:

  • Easier avenues for fund raising. In the show, they go into detail about how they went about raising capital, but some of the money they were able to raise came after the show already aired, thus increasing their fund raising opportunities from investors who listened to the show.
  • Brand loyalty. Exposing themselves as much as they have on that show created a special bond between the listeners and the studio. We, the audience, are now invested in everything they do as if we had equity as well. We feel like we’re a part of the process, and because of that odds are we will listen to whatever they come up with.

I can’t help but notice the similarity to what I have done with Bloop Animation. On the first year running the blog I have made an animated short film, and while doing so I documented the whole process. From coming up with the idea to animating each shot.

This process was one of the most significant audience building projects I have done for the blog, and when the film came out it was viewed by a much larger audience compared to what it would have been if I simply released the film without any previous content.

What can you learn from this?

The main thing I always talk about when I talk about audience building is the process of unveiling the curtain. Showing your process. As you are building a business/blog/YouTube channel/podcast around your art or passion, think about what can YOU expose about your process. What can you show the audience that will make them relate to you and your brand.

Do it right, and you will earn lifetime fans.

Click here to learn more about Gimlet Media and their awesome poscasts.

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