Why I Want to Have a Lot of Money

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Everybody wants to have a lot of money, I know. The reasons might vary, though. I’m not talking about the kind of money to make ends meet, to pay my bills etc. It’s not the amount of money I want to make personally as myself that I’m going to talk about in this post, but the money I want my business to make, and why.

I want Bloop Animation to make a lot of money so that I can do more things at once. So that I can take myself out of it.

I’ll explain.

In the past year I’ve started hiring people to create more for the website. I’ve hired someone to create some of the courses, I’ve brought in an author to write a book, and I’m now doing more of that with a few more projects on the way – all done by other people.

Now you might think the following things:

Are you that lazy? Why can’t you just do some or most of the work yourself, and only when you’re totally swamped, bring others to help? When you say “Take yourself out of it”, do you mean so you can sell the company?

And that’s a part that many entrepreneurs get wrong. They think that the more they do, the harder they work, the more they can do themselves, the better their business could be and the better entrepreneurs they are. My attitude, however, often confuses people to thinking I’m lazy, and that’s because one of my favorite things to say is:

“My goal is to do as least as I possibly can.”


“I want things to work without my involvement.”

So here’s the secret: The more I can do without my personal involvement, the more time I have to make sure more projects happen and that the business is moving in the right direction. Also, the company will grow much faster.

My goal is to have a “set and forget” system for our projects, so that I can have 10 happening at the same time. 5 courses, 2 movies and 3 books (not actual numbers, just illustrating.) Sounds crazy right? It would be if I did them all myself, and that’s exactly why I need to practice taking myself out of these things even now, when I still technically have the time to do a lot myself.

I’ll repeat this: Just because I can, and have the time to do so, does not mean I should do things myself. I should always aspire to bring people to work on projects, or my company will never grow.

This bring us back to the money issue I started this post with. Having 5 courses, 2 movies and 3 books going at the same time costs tens of thousands of dollars. Even if they are all profitable and will eventually cover their costs and make money, I still need to be able to pay for them before they do. It’s the chicken and the egg thing. I need the money to get the projects that make money.

So the more money I have, the more I can do with my company. The more cool movies, comic book series and books I can produce. The more talented people I can bring in.

This is my own personal ‘why’ to wanting to have a lot of money.

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