The Next Step

Morr Meroz Entrepreneurship

This post is going to be different. I will not tell you what I think about a certain aspect of online business, but share something I’m struggling with (in online business).

I’ve reached a point in my animation business that I didn’t plan for. I’ve reached most of the goals I’ve set for this business. It has a lot of great products (with more on the way), a rather large audience, and it is profitable enough for me to do it full time. That’s all I could imagine back when I first started Bloop Animation back in 2013.

That’s the problem. I don’t know how to imagine the next step.

I think we can only do what we imagine. I know a lot of people say stuff like “I could have never imagined this would grow to something so big” or “I could never imagine such success”, but I wanna call bullshit on that, at least partially. These people who achieved great things didn’t get there accidentally. They set out to create something. It might have grown faster or larger than they expected, but I’m sure that while they were making it had have some idea in mind of how big it could be. And if not – they had to adjust their imagination along the way, else they would get left behind.

Back to me.

I’ve achieved all the success I imagined possible 3 years ago, but now I feel like I’m actually just getting started. My imagination needs adjusting.

While I can keep making more products (which I am) and slowly grow traffic and followers (which I will) the thing I’m struggling with is The Next Step.

The Next Step isn’t just making more of the same. It’s creating the next shift in the whole business. For example – becoming a production studio with 20 staff members working in an office space. 

While I can imagine how to create more and more products, I don’t know how to imagine that. I can’t imagine the steps it takes going from working at home (with occasional remote employees) to having 20 full-time employees and an office space. And that’s my problem, I think. This is what I’m trying to figure out in the past few weeks.

Doing more of what I’ve been doing will grow my revenue, but it will not get me to that Next Level.

But how can I imagine something I don’t know how to imagine?

I will now end this introspective post. I have no answers at the moment, but you can be sure that when I do (and I will) I will write about them right here.

Where should I send the tools list to?