The 2 Types of Audiences You’re Selling To

Morr Meroz Audiences, Making Money

If you’re making any kind of teaching product like an ebook, video course or coaching program, there are basically 2 types of audiences you are selling to, and they are equally important:

  1. The people who will act on the information in your product.
  2. The people who will not act.

The Ones who Act

The people who act on your advice / teaching are important for your product to be succesful. They will be spreading the word, provide you with testimonials and validate that you created something of value.

The Ones who Doesn’t Act

These are the people who bought your product and just never acted on it. They bought your “how to write an ebook” course and never wrote an ebook. It is not because your product was bad, it is because some people just don’t do the work, and that’s ok.

Why is that ok?

Because you need them both.

If you make an informational product, you are in the business of selling dreams. That is how you make a living. You inspire people to do things they dream of accomplishing and show them the way.

Some people, however, are too lazy / busy to do the work, but they like the idea that they can live their dreams. That illusion can be very profitable.

Now, I’m gonna stop right here. I know it sounds very cynical, and maybe mean, but it’s not. It’s just the truth of how people are. Some act, and some don’t. In order for you to stay profitable and be around to keep making awesome things for the people who DO act, you need to sell to as many people as you can.

The second type might be even more profitable, since buying courses and ebooks is one of the more common way creative people tend to procrastinate on actually doing the work (I’m guilty of that as well), while the first type might be too busy working to watch tutorials.

What’s my point?

I just want you to be aware that a major part of your business might come from selling the illusion of success to unproductive people, and by knowing that you might understand the concept of “selling dreams” a little better.

Selling information is similar to selling the idea of accomplishing dreams, and you should play on that as much as you can.

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