Stop Being Embarrassed

Morr Meroz Entrepreneurship, Inspiration

Stop being embarrassed about pursuing your own thing. You feel like there’s a magnifying glass above you, created by your family and friends, but there isn’t one.

Doing the traditional route of getting a nice job is easy, because nobody can ever point to it and say “this is stupid.” Nobody will raise their eyebrows at getting a job as an accountant in a firm, because that is what most of the world knows to be correct. Grades – college – job.

To do ANYTHING else requires courage. Anytime someone raises their head there will be somebody who will look down upon it. To pursue that kind of life requires creating a bubble around yourself, deciding that you will not look to your left and right to check what others are saying, or what faces they’re making.

You can’t ask for permission, because you will never get it. You can’t ask people if they think this is a good idea, because chances are they don’t know any better than you do.

People give a ton of different reasons as to why they are not perusing a certain route. They can say it’s a long shot, or that they don’t have time, or that they need to get financially stable first. I believe, however, that it’s almost always because they are simply embarrassed.

I honestly understand that feeling. It’s hard after studying law for 2 years, to suddenly declare “I want to start a fashion blog!” It’s, well… Embarrassing.

There is a way around the embarrassment, though, and that is to not leave any room for others to judge you. It’s a confidant thing, but if you decide with yourself with full conviction that this is what you want to pursue at the moment – just start doing it and don’t look to anyone for a reaction. Don’t leave room for people to tell you what they think. Don’t even tell people about it. Start doing it, and if someone asks then tell them without too many details.

I never told anyone I’m going to start an animation blog. Or a business blog. I simply created a website and started writing. I still did all the things I was doing before. I freelanced as an animator, worked on many different projects, but I also started my online business. And it would occasionally happen that I would be working at a studio and a guy next to me would say “Hey! I just saw an ad for your channel on YouTube!” I would smile to him and keep working.

I do me, you do you. That’s the mentality you need to have when doing this entrepreneurial thing.

Here’s how it happens to most people: They have an idea, they feel guilty or embarrassed about wanting to pursue it (maybe because they went to an expensive school for years or maybe because the idea is a bit weird), they finally tell some close friend or a family member about this idea (in a shy unconfident way that would sure to get a negative reaction), they get weird looks from those friends or a mix of negative and half positive reactions (something in the style of “If that’s really what you want to do…”) and they never move forward.

If this pattern sounds familiar, then break it now. Don’t ask questions, don’t check your surroundings to see if its ready for you to do something different with your life, because it never will be.

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