Read This if You’re Low on Motivation For Your Personal Project

Morr Meroz Productivity, Products

Feeling a bit low? Can’t bring yourself to work on your business/project/art piece today?

Here’s a thought for you.

Many times when we’re working on our own projects, be that at home, a coffee shop or at the park, we allow ourself to stop working whenever we don’t feel like working any more.

We take naps. We make more coffee. We play a video game, watch a TV show.

Did you notice that when you have an actual job, you never allow yourself to do those things?

Can you imagine sitting at your office at 3PM, tired from lunch, and suddenly just get up and take a nap on the couch? What about taking out your iPad and play a game? You wouldn’t do that right? And that’s not even a job you like! That’s just a job you keep to pay the bills.

YET – you still manage to work through the entire 10 hour day. Every day. Every week.

So if you manage to summon such discipline for a job you don’t particularly love, why is it harder to summon the same strength to do important work for your own projects? The projects that have a chance to change your life?

So you have no problem manning up 10 hours every day to work on someone else’s dream, but can’t do it for yours?

For some reason when we work on our own projects we get so much weaker. Suddenly we wait for inspiration, or that perfect time of day when we are most energetic or creative. The right amount of coffee. That’s so stupid, isn’t it?

It should be easier to find the motivation to work on our own things, but reality proves that it isn’t. I hope this rant will help you eliminate that weak mindset.

If you remember that thought every day, things will get easier. Just keep telling yourself – I’ve already proven I can do it. Now, I just need to do it for myself.

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