I’ve Decided to Launch a Course Teaching a Program I’ve Never Used

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When I launched my first product on Bloop Animation (the Animation For Beginners eBook), I didn’t do much research. I was already ranking high on the term “animation for beginners”, so I figured that building a product around that would be a good idea.

I also had a ton of posts to use for that topic, so the writing process would be rather simple.

And it was.

The product launch was great, it added a few shekels to my monthly revenue, and things were good.

However, that is not the best way to go about launching a product. There’s a much smarter way of doing it.

Listening to your audience

Do you know Blender? Probably now. Some of you might, that’s not the point. Blender is a free 3D animation program. Over the years I’ve received a lot of emails from readers and viewers asking for Blender tutorials, but I kind of ignored them. I was using the most professional animation software out there, and that’s what I was teaching. I’ve never even used Blender.

There’s something to say here about listening to your audience…

I started thinking about WHY am I getting so many requests for that particular program. I realized that because it is free, it is much more accessible to a wide variety of people, as opposed to Maya (what I was using) that costs thousands of dollars. That’s a nice little “ah ha” moment, but I thought I should check a little more before making any rash decisions.

I’ve done a quick keyword research and found astounding results.

The tutorial search for Blender compared to Maya was this:



And the search for animation (which is what I focus on) was this:



And just to make sure, I wanted to do a plain Maya vs. Blender search comparison, but I couldn’t just use the names alone since Maya has many other meanings and Blender is also a kitchen appliance, so I added “3D” after each search term:

3a 3b

Incredible right? So much more people are looking to learn Blender! I knew I’ve hit something big here, but there was one more thing to do in this validation process, and that’s asking my audience.

First things first – make a landing page!

Even though they asked for it in the past, I really wanted to see what they say to the idea of a Blender course. So I created this landing page.

Now in case you missed it, I want to mention again that I have NEVER used Blender! That’s what I thought was so cool about this whole process. The fact that I had a landing page to a course for a software I’ve never used is the essence of validating your product. I’ve literally designed the box for the course before opening the program once.

So what’s next? I sent this landing page to my email list, posted it on my Facebook page and asked people to let me know if this course is something they’ll be interested in.

And I’ve waited.

I haven’t waited too long before getting a FLOOD of emails from people (over 50 in less than 48 hours) expressing how excited they are about it (“YES! FINALLY!!1” was a common phrase.)

I’ve also received over 150 opt ins of people who are interested in knowing when the course launches. That was amazing to me. I’ve never seen so much positive reaction from something I offered. This was all the validation I needed.

So what now?

Learning how to use it, I guess. Haha.

A mindset shift

I think this process is very important to understand. Getting this validation before wasting time making a huge course that nobody wanted is the best use of your time and energy. This takes a mindset shift though, because when I tell about this to “normal people” (this is how I call people outside the internet marketing world) it seems odd to them and completely backwards.

The intuitive way to to go about stuff like that would be: (a) make a course (b) publish it (c) market it.

But once you change that mindset to (a) validating your product (b) make it, you’ll be able to guarantee the success of your business and products.

What do you think about that approach to launching products? Did you do something like that before? I’d be glad to hear about it.

Where should I send the tools list to?