Investing in Online Real Estate

Morr Meroz Entrepreneurship, Making Money, Products

One of the things I like most about running an online business is how effective my time-for-money is. It’s similar to investing in real estate, only MUCH cheaper.

When you invest in real estate, you put a bunch of money up front, and then you either sell it for more or keep getting dividends from it on a steady basis. That’s the model I like, and that’s how I think about my online business.

I work for months writing a book, invest time (which is worth money) and then when I’m done I don’t have to think about it anymore, yet it keeps brining me money every month. Crazy right? Write another book, and now you have 2 monthly revenue streams.

The way it gets even more powerful is when you start hiring people to build that real estate for you. That’s what I’ve done with my recently released Flash course. I paid a professional Flash animator to create the course for me (a fixed price), and now I will keep making money from it on a daily basis. Just like investing money to buy a house and then rent it out.

When I think about this model compared to the traditional job model, I can’t help but think how much more efficient it is. When you stop working at your job the money instantly stops coming in. So while I might make more at a job at first, over time if I keep producing products I will eventually surpass the salary I could have earned. The difference here is that there’s no cap on how much I can make, unlike a salary. The more I produce, the more I can make. It’s simple math, it’s not a gamble or “taking a leap” – it’s the most effective way to make a living that I have found yet.

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