How Do You Get Inspired?

Morr Meroz Inspiration

Here’s a question for you. What do you do to get inspired?

I’ll explain where I’m coming from.

When I started doing online business I’ve followed many blogs and listened to many podcasts about the world of online marketing. I did this mostly to learn, but also to be inspired. Inspired by the stories people told and the ideas they implemented.

The problem is that as time went by and my business grew, I’ve realized that consuming this content did not have the same effect anymore.

I’ve been desensitized to inspiration.

I was going on auto-pilot, visiting the same blogs, since this is what used to work for me, but now I didn’t feel anything. It felt like I knew all the stories, heard all the strategies, learned all the rules.

That is mostly because most of these brands are targeted towards beginners, and I wasn’t a beginner anymore.

So I have found myself lacking sources of inspiration and motivation.

My first reaction was to do more of it. Kinda similarly to doing drugs. When the effect is smaller – you do more of it. So I listened to more podcasts and read more blogs. This just cluttered my mind. What was I looking for? What was it that I wanted to learn?

I then realized that I’m not going to find any answers outside of myself. I needed to figure things out on my own at this point.

I’ve stopped listening to most of these podcasts and I rarely visit those blogs anymore. My mind is quieter now, and I like it.

These sources were great at the beginning. They helped me get to where I did. But the important lessons here for me was to always check to see if things that used to work still do. If not – change them up.

So to end this short post I have a question for you – what places do you go for inspiration or to learn something new? Please write them in the comments and maybe we can all learn something new.

Where should I send the tools list to?